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Sniper Game Project V.1.7 :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 1 Final Fantasy IV Tamagotchi :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 5 KIRIBAN 1000: Lemonpeanut :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 1 Phoenix Wright Clock :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 9 Brighton Architecture: Revisit :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 0 Coffee in the Evening :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 0
Alone at 00:49AM
As I sit here on this couch
spying on the night with my watchful eye
seeing the antics of the night world
as nothingness trundles by.
The golden glow of street lamps
Make my eyes go all hazy
Do I dare venture away from these lamps?
For fear of missing the parts of life,
that noone else gets to see.
For fear of missing the parts of life,
where lights shine incandescently
I think about my future wife
and emotion regains it's hold of me
We all drift off when we don't see
It's like a whole new kind of therapy
Where matter is nothing
And nothing matters
Empty space. Lonely... Easy...
Easy as it may be
we need somebody especially lovely
someone who brings the happy,
the sad, the good and the bad.
Or maybe... That's just me.
:icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 8
Beauty :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 12 Commission: One Easy Kill avvy :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 8 Commission: Retro-hippy avatar :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 8 Like :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 12
Summer high
Sun. Big, fat, blazing Sun... It's up there, shining away showing us that our slow death will be like this, except a little hotter each year until one day we all start popping like popcorn. Poof. Burned, charred, silly little humans. Too damn lazy to just stop burning stuff.
But that's not important.
The summer has an effect on us , it makes a sense of relief. Like we've done something to deserve nature's fine splendors in bright technicolour and seared, and simmered to a fine crispy barbequed package. A little order needs to be removed from the boredom of bliss.
Walk. walk miles. keep going until the people aren't around. This is a solitary exercise. Time for some tree suturing. Yeah. that's a nice little euphemism... I'll use that more often.
Lighter... check, penknife.... check, det cord?... Yeah. I remembered it.
and the other thing... pretty obvious , no real point in saying it aloud. it's been dragging my arm down for an hour or two. (Jerry can full of petrol by the way. b
:icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 2
Drawin' Stuff :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 7 15 Sunset over the rails :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 2 Ray of Sunshine :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 4 Painted from a photograph :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 2

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MAHoh :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 839 287
Smiling Again
Suddenly, from the darkness,
Shines a ray of light.
Tiny, barely visible at first,
Then flashing with colour before my eyes.
With a few sparks,
The darkness lifts.
I can see the sun again.
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 2 1
Midnight Movies :icontvtrays:TVtrays 1 18 Elktown :icontvtrays:TVtrays 3 0 Beachbox Montage :iconsnuff75x:snuff75x 85 67 paris meditation :icongonzale:Gonzale 9 7
Things That Make Me Smile
1) When a song that's been in my head all day comes on the radio
2) Ice cream
3) The headless Homer Simpson shaped soap in my bathroom
4) Running down my street in flip-flops, with my hair streaming in the wind
5) Afternoon naps
6) When it rains at night
7) My mum's lousy jokes
8) Watching TV with my best friend, her brothers and her dog
9) Shopping
10) Warm weather and sunshine
11) Day trips to random places
12) Old black-and-white movies
13) My holiday snaps
14) Watching my little brother and his friends be kids
15) Lunchtimes with my boyfriend
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 1 2
A Girl With A Past
To all of y'all: however you suffered in this situation,
  I'm sorry. I wish I could beat about the bush, say it in a more complicated way, but I can't. There's nothing more to it. I'm sorry I drove you crazy, worried you to death and got you caught in the crossfire of my crazy "life in self-destrct."  
  I'm sorry most of all for the fact that I lost touch with y'all. I thought, or knew, that you were judging me. That's why I walked out-- you judged me and you sold me out. You told my secrets and that hurt. And it still stings, every time I get a text from one of you, walk past you in the street, hear a song that we all used to sit around and eat bad takeaway food to. I kept all your messages, your phone numbers, your e-mail addresses ... I was intending to come back, I meant that wholeheartedly.
  But, then it got too late. If I were to come back now, to walk back into your lives as if I have any sort of right to do that, you'd be expecting the
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 1 1
Collector's Items :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 2,002 505 Cyber lolita sketch :iconarkaya:arkaya 23 20
The Day That Cloud Boy Snapped

There Was Once A Young Man Named Cloud Boy, He Went To College, He Was 18, Had Black Medium Length Hair And A Scar Over His Left Eye From A Tragic Accident Which Involved His Mentally Deranged Mother Stabbing His Father And Older Sister To Death, And Only Wounding Cloud BOy.
Now Cloud Boy Was A Bit Of A Wierd Guy, Odd To Say The Least, Had Good Old Fashioned Morals, And For This Reason He Was Scrutinized And Targeted By The More 'Normal' (If There Is Such A Term In Existance) People Of His College. This Made Cloud Boy Very Angry And Upset, Causing Him To Develop A Condition Experts Call 'PissedOfAtTheWorld-Ania'.

On One Dreary Typically English Day At College, Cloud Boy Was Sitting In His Usual Spot On The Top Of A Bin In The Courtyard At The Centre Of The Establishment.
At Precisely Midday He Was Approached By Some Regular 'Normal' Guys Who Had A Problem With Boys Who Were Clouds.
"Hey There Cloudy, Floating On The Stinky Bi
:iconlovableidiot:lovableidiot 2 2
Insomnia Suprise
Its Getting Late, Yet Sleep Has Not Approached Me
Why Wont Sleep Pass Her Aegis Of Slumber Over My Eyes
Those Eyes That Stare At The Ceiling,
Which In Turn Stares Back At These Eyes
Another Hour Flown Past Still No Hint Of Rest
The Sun Begins To Rise And As Do I
The Frustration Rushes Through Me
But Then I Wonder If I Wish To Sleep
For The Horrors Which I Witness When I Sleep Are Beyond My Understanding
Stuck In Two Minds, One Of Insomnia And One Of Fear.
:iconlovableidiot:lovableidiot 1 5
Zim ReMiX :iconmurriano1342:Murriano1342 8 2 Dib :iconmurriano1342:Murriano1342 5 6 casa da musica 01 :iconanti-praxe:anti-praxe 31 35


Smile lines :iconfealasy:Fealasy 591 144 hair, pulchritudinous hair :iconvive-le-rock:Vive-Le-Rock 2,415 325 See You In 100 Meters :iconjeanfrancois:JeanFrancois 666 126 I want to sleep :iconmefitica:Mefitica 33 5 Slayer Gig :iconsuperflyninja:superflyninja 3 1 Dark Building :iconsuperflyninja:superflyninja 3 4 It will become somethin'... :iconmefitica:Mefitica 250 30 Visions :iconmefitica:Mefitica 38 10



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Canterbury, Kent
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Print preference: Big
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Vector
Operating System: Windows XP but I want a Mac...
MP3 player of choice: My DS
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favourite cartoon character: Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
Personal Quote: *Barking noise*
I'm in year 3 of my games development degree, hopefully moving on to a masters in Comp Sci.

Things are going well and looking up. :)

Now... back to my thesis!
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Watching: Castle
  • Playing: Tribes Ascend , Diablo 3
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: RedBull


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