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Sniper Game Project V.1.7 by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Sniper Game Project V.1.7 :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 1 Final Fantasy IV Tamagotchi by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Final Fantasy IV Tamagotchi :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 5 KIRIBAN 1000: Lemonpeanut by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK KIRIBAN 1000: Lemonpeanut :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 1 Phoenix Wright Clock by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Phoenix Wright Clock :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 9 Brighton Architecture: Revisit by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Brighton Architecture: Revisit :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 0 Coffee in the Evening by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Coffee in the Evening :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 0
Alone at 00:49AM
As I sit here on this couch
spying on the night with my watchful eye
seeing the antics of the night world
as nothingness trundles by.
The golden glow of street lamps
Make my eyes go all hazy
Do I dare venture away from these lamps?
For fear of missing the parts of life,
that noone else gets to see.
For fear of missing the parts of life,
where lights shine incandescently
I think about my future wife
and emotion regains it's hold of me
We all drift off when we don't see
It's like a whole new kind of therapy
Where matter is nothing
And nothing matters
Empty space. Lonely... Easy...
Easy as it may be
we need somebody especially lovely
someone who brings the happy,
the sad, the good and the bad.
Or maybe... That's just me.
:icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 2 8
Beauty by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Beauty :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 12 Commission: One Easy Kill avvy by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Commission: One Easy Kill avvy :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 8 Commission: Retro-hippy avatar by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Commission: Retro-hippy avatar :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 8 Like by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Like :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 12
Summer high
Sun. Big, fat, blazing Sun... It's up there, shining away showing us that our slow death will be like this, except a little hotter each year until one day we all start popping like popcorn. Poof. Burned, charred, silly little humans. Too damn lazy to just stop burning stuff.
But that's not important.
The summer has an effect on us , it makes a sense of relief. Like we've done something to deserve nature's fine splendors in bright technicolour and seared, and simmered to a fine crispy barbequed package. A little order needs to be removed from the boredom of bliss.
Walk. walk miles. keep going until the people aren't around. This is a solitary exercise. Time for some tree suturing. Yeah. that's a nice little euphemism... I'll use that more often.
Lighter... check, penknife.... check, det cord?... Yeah. I remembered it.
and the other thing... pretty obvious , no real point in saying it aloud. it's been dragging my arm down for an hour or two. (Jerry can full of petrol by the way. b
:icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 2
Drawin' Stuff by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Drawin' Stuff :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 7 15 Sunset over the rails by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Sunset over the rails :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 2 Ray of Sunshine by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Ray of Sunshine :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 0 4 Painted from a photograph by GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK Painted from a photograph :icongrimthepunchdrunk:GRiMTHEPUNCHDRUNK 1 2

Random Favourites

Acute Adoration, Matt
Chapter One
Cursing his feelings, he sat on the 9:15 train to London reading a crumpled newspaper he had picked up from the vacant seat next to him. He had never found it this difficult before, but somehow events where different this time. Having only just met her the once in the Bull & Horns pub during his last visit to London, they had since spent weeks on the phone to each other almost every night and he had grown quite attached to her voice. looking out of the window at the blurred British country side whizzing past his mind mulled over the idea of turning back home and just forgetting the whole affair, he could say something else had cropped up and issue a rain check.
Unfortunately for him it was already too late to turn back, London Victoria was the next station and she had already rung his mobile just moments before this was announced to confirm she was sitting at the station eagerly waiting for him. This alone made him nervous, and he glanced back from the window down to
:iconcarbon-12:carbon-12 3 15
brooklyn bridge by TimeToComeClean brooklyn bridge :icontimetocomeclean:TimeToComeClean 26 77
Don't fuck with us
I was impaled on my own blade, my chest alive first with riving agony.
I was a thousand feet up; the mountain of my house where I had fought my brothers who still had flight was now my prison. They had taken my wings when they had found me, now I lay here trying to work the blade out of my chest plate, cursing all the angels of heaven by name.
What was my sin? What had I done to occur their wrath, the wrath of His hand? I twisted the blade, making a hole within my chest, I was not worried about mortality or a mortal death, if the killed me, I'd ascend to the place they had been trying to keep me out of. Perhaps I'd be a little hasty in pulling the blade out, knowing it was the only thing keeping me from the fall, but I would be damned if I spent eternity on the house I built waiting for the wind to waste me away, the apocalyptic fires to burn me or the pigeons to peck me.
I placed my foot against a strut of concrete, I now had a pretty stable balance against the wall, but the sword was
:icononeeasykill:OneEasyKill 1 17
World's Greatest Ironies
The Great Ironies of The World
1) A tiny chocolate bar contains so much more fat than a lettuce 3 times the size.
2) 80% of good-looking men are either evil or boring.
3) AOL top-speed can sometimes be really slow.
4) The most mopey whiny rock stars have the most conservative families.
5) People spend more money in the sales than they do during a normal shopping trip.
6) Smart people can have stupid children.
7) Gorgeous people always think they're ugly.
8) Skinny people always think they're fat.
9) So many smart people don't understand geometry.
10) So many cute guys are clueless.   
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 1 1
My Most Meaningful Quotes
My 10 Sweetest, and Most Meaningful Quotes
1) "Friendship is like a smile. It has to be earned but when it is it is a wonderful thing." (May 2006)
2) "When I fall in love, I love deeply, passionately and without boundaries. I love with my whole heart." (December 2005)
3) "Beautiful flowers come from the most painful roots." (February 2007)
4) "If you can't cry from your soul, you can't laugh from your heart." (September 2006)
5) "I'll know when I've found the man I want to love for the rest of my life, because he'll love me." (November 2004)
6) "If you really love somebody, you'll want what's best for them, and sometimes what's best for them is to drive them away." (March 2006)
7) "You can only love somebody. That's all you can do. If they want to make their own way in the world, you can't stop them. Then they'll resent you and you'll forget why you loved them to start with." (August 2003)
8) "Memories are the most powerful foundations. They have the power tocreate or destroy." (Octobe
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 6 2
Hatter and Alice Thingies by Azmila Hatter and Alice Thingies :iconazmila:Azmila 3 9 Tumor Flash 10 by LazyMuFFin Tumor Flash 10 :iconlazymuffin:LazyMuFFin 1,045 804 Dali Observed by EuphoriouSin
Mature content
Dali Observed :iconeuphoriousin:EuphoriouSin 12 16
Biohazard Vector by PC-JUNKY Biohazard Vector :iconpc-junky:PC-JUNKY 66 40 taken by Gonzale taken :icongonzale:Gonzale 63 39 December by LazyMuFFin December :iconlazymuffin:LazyMuFFin 48 269 oops by Gonzale oops :icongonzale:Gonzale 70 35 Zabuza 2 by simon-green Zabuza 2 :iconsimon-green:simon-green 2 1 Zabuza 1 by simon-green Zabuza 1 :iconsimon-green:simon-green 2 0 Sasuke by simon-green Sasuke :iconsimon-green:simon-green 4 3
Remember when we were four years old?
We used to play in the sandbox,
We used to build castles,
With our podgy little hands.
Remember when we were six?
You moved in next door,
And we talked through the trees,
Of our adjoining gardens.
Remember being eight?
We used to rollerskte everywhere,
Even down the slide,
At the park around the corner.
Remember at twelve?
You broke up with your boyfriend,
And cried until you fell asleep,
With your head on my shoulder.
Remember camp last summer?
When you got up at 4am to watch,
The Sun come up and I,
Just laughed-- and went back to bed.
I hope you know that all those memories,
Mean that I'm not judging you now,
Friends support each other,
No matter what.
Remember earlier this year?
When you didn't judge me or hate me,
Or call me names for what I did?
Respect for respect.
My debt is repaid.
:iconsuburbanprincess:Suburbanprincess 1 3


Smile lines by Fealasy Smile lines :iconfealasy:Fealasy 589 144 hair, pulchritudinous hair by Vive-Le-Rock hair, pulchritudinous hair :iconvive-le-rock:Vive-Le-Rock 2,411 325 See You In 100 Meters by JeanFrancois See You In 100 Meters :iconjeanfrancois:JeanFrancois 665 126 I want to sleep by Mefitica I want to sleep :iconmefitica:Mefitica 33 5 Slayer Gig by superflyninja Slayer Gig :iconsuperflyninja:superflyninja 3 1 Dark Building by superflyninja Dark Building :iconsuperflyninja:superflyninja 3 4 It will become somethin'... by Mefitica It will become somethin'... :iconmefitica:Mefitica 253 30 Visions by Mefitica Visions :iconmefitica:Mefitica 38 10



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Canterbury, Kent
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Print preference: Big
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Vector
Operating System: Windows XP but I want a Mac...
MP3 player of choice: My DS
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favourite cartoon character: Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
Personal Quote: *Barking noise*
I'm in year 3 of my games development degree, hopefully moving on to a masters in Comp Sci.

Things are going well and looking up. :)

Now... back to my thesis!
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Watching: Castle
  • Playing: Tribes Ascend , Diablo 3
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: RedBull


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